Open Source Projects

Zebradots is committed to creating free open source software for the benefit of others. Below are some valuable projects created by Zebradots. These projects are free to download by anyone and used for any purpose because they are released under OSI licensing.

Zebradots is committed to freeing us all from closed-source proprietary software, with its restrictions imposed by patent and copyright abuse from companies attempting to stifle competition.

By referring your family and friends to Zebradots when they need a new website, you are supporting the open source community and helping to make more state-of-the-art free software available.

Projects we've created


OpenDynamo was created by Zebradots to simplify managing your website. It is the world's first complete "system level" utility that allows anyone to easily backup, restore, delete, and create a new website, and provides an intuitive main menu that simplifies common tasks. OpenDynamo is provided with every new Zebradots account.

Visit OpenDynamo website »

Redo Backup and Restore

Redo Backup and Restore provides bare-metal backup and restore to help you recover from hard drive failures, viruses, and other catastrophes—and it's easy enough for anyone to use. Even if your computer fails to boot properly, you can insert a Redo Backup CD and get to your files.

Visit Redo Backup website »

Other projects we recommend

  • GIMP, a photo editing and resizing tool
  • LibreOffice, an office productivity suite with word processor, spreadsheet, and more
  • Firefox, an excellent web browser
  • Ubuntu, a free operating system that is very easy to learn
  • Inkscape, a vector illustration program

Because these applications are free and open source, you can install them on as many computers as you wish, for both personal and commercial use. Open source ensures your freedom and protects you from being locked into proprietary formats or standards.