The Zebradots advantage

No other website solution offers the ease of use, freedom and ownership of Zebradots. Here are some of the reasons why.

You're looking at it

The web page you're looking at right now uses the exact same website system we're going to set up for you once you create an account. Other companies are ready to sell you solutions they don't even use, and may not suit your needs. Not Zebradots. We're using the very same website system we encourage you to use. It's that good.

Ease of use

We've seen customers with limited computer experience—and virtually no knowledge of websites—tinker with a Zebradots website and turn a part-time hobby into a full-blown career. We've seen customers quit their jobs to take the leap and be their own boss after finally taking control of their website to sell products and advertise online. These things would be far more complicated with the outdated web design tools from the nineties, but now they're easily within anyone's grasp.

The trick is not simply choosing a website platform that is easy to learn. You need the ownership, freedom, and control that allows you to invest your time with the assurance that your hard work won't simply be taken away from you later.

Own and control your website

We've listened to our customers over the years. We've heard the horror stories: People paying loads of money for websites that were never completed. People with no idea where their website is stored or how to get a copy of it. People without access to or control of their website because they were duped into "renting" a service. The problem is that these people didn't really own their website. It wasn't in their control.

Zebradots was created for the purpose of solving the unnecessary complexity of owning and creating a website. When you create an account with Zebradots, we give you a website based on open standards. Simply put, this means you own the website: the software engine and all the content you load into it are yours to keep. Zebradots does not "rent" your website to you, and we won't hold it hostage from you. It isn't useless apart from our service. It's all yours. Zebradots gives you the very freedom and ownership that other website solutions intentionally withhold.

Open solutions are better

If you decide to modify your website, its appearance, or the underlying code, you own those changes. No one can take them away from you simply because you failed to "pay rent." With free and open source software, you actually own your website, and are guaranteed the freedom (and ability) to modify it as you wish.

Additionally, by using software released under the GNU General Public License or similar terms, you are ensured that you won't be the victim of a licensing shakedown simply because you can't produce a sales receipt for the software you're running.

No limitations

There are no hidden limitations to the website. Your Zebradots website is not crippled in any way. Some companies make you break out your wallet each time you want to add a new page or product, or when an item is sold via your website. You do not need to pay us to add more pages to your website, or products to your catalog. And you don't owe us a percentage of what you sell. It's your website, not ours.

And because your website is based on free and open source software, you can easily find modules, addons, templates and extensions available from user communities on the web.

Simplicity of service

Before Zebradots, creating a new website was a nightmare. Ordinarily, someone seeking to create a new website would need to round up the following services from up to four different companies:

  1. Someone to register a domain for you
  2. Someone to provide a hosting account for you
  3. Someone to create a new website for you
  4. Someone to edit the website and make occasional changes for you

Rather than paying monthly service fees to multiple companies, or hefty fees to a web designer, Zebradots simplifies this mess. Now, when you create a website with Zebradots, we do steps 1–3 for you instantly after you sign up. Once your website is created, editing is so easy that anyone can do it—which eliminates the need to pay someone and wait for them to make changes for you.

With all these features, it's clear that the only people that aren't using Zebradots are those who haven't heard about it yet!

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