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A website you can easily edit!

Have you ever written an email?

Then you're ready to edit your new website! When composing an email, you've probably noticed the familiar toolbar at the top that lets you change your text to bold or italic. That's exactly what editing your new website will be like. It's as easy as writing an email. Plus, you can log in from any computer in the world to edit your pages and insert images. Finally, you're in control.

Forget spending time and money on confusing website services, horrible design software, expensive rental websites, things you don't really own or control, and waiting for others to update your website for you. Now you can make changes instantly, without begging for help. Zebradots gives you freedom.

No knowledge required

Don't know what hosting is? Never heard of a "content management system"? Don't worry. You don't need to know any of this with Zebradots. We will take care of absolutely everything. Plus, you won't need to pay other companies for additional services. No more paying bills to three different companies. Zebradots gives you simplicity. See how simple our signup page is.

Everything is included

Creating a Zebradots account takes less than 5 minutes. Once you're done, a new website will be automatically created just for you. This full-featured website already includes everything you need:

  • Several pages with sample content you can edit
  • Unlimited product catalog for selling items online (e-commerce)
  • Image gallery for showing your pictures
  • Contact form for your visitors to get in touch with you
  • News and article posting system
  • Dozens of templates to customize your website's appearance

Because we give you a pre-built website, you can easily edit the existing text and replace it with your own. If you want a new page, you can add one in seconds. Want to add a picture? No problem. By giving you a complete website from the start, you will be able to more easily customize it and understand its potential. No scary blank slates. Zebradots gives you everything up front, rather than forcing you to build it yourself.

It's a better way of doing things. It's Zebradots.

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